Say Your Prairies

“Little House on the Prairie Vibes are big for 2018”, they say. For me, prairie dresses are FOREVER. As a girl I discovered Laura Ingalls Wilder and tore through each of her books. I never missed an episode of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, either. My grandma sewed me life size dresses to match my American Girl dolls. In my dream world I’d travel back in time once I grew up, and live in a sweet cabin that stood right beside a babbling creek that I could drink from with laurel leaves. I’d churn butter in my pretty dresses, and skirts and aprons. My handsome husband, who’d be a crack shot and a skilled fisherman, would bring home all the trout and deer we could ever want.

In reality this time traveling pioneer life never came to be, but I held on to my love of Prairie style. Gunner Sax, ruffled necks, floral maxi skirts trimmed in lace…. I can’t say no to them. My closet runneth over with items I’ve thrifted while thinking “When will I wear this?” Still, I buy them all. Spring ’18 may come and go, but for me, prairie vibes are here to stay.

bluedress - 1bluedress - 2bluedress - 3bluedress - 4bluedress - 5bluedress - 6bluedress - 7

bluedress - 8
Dress: Thrifted vintage. Shoes: Van’s.

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