The Flea

Today my family and I trekked out to the flea market to do some treasure hunting! I love venturing out and searching for antiques and oddities somewhere other than my usual thrift store haunts (though, let’s be honest, I really love those too).  This morning was the perfect kind for an adventure in the country with cloudy, uncertain skies and a cool breeze… and it just so happened that the flea gods were on my side today! I found several gorgeous, old pieces to add to my home; my favorite being a cast iron cauldron that I got for an absolute STEAL. As you can see from the photo at the end of me holding it, I was pretty giddy.

webber - 8

webber - 2webber - 4webber - 6webber - 7webber - 1webber - 3webber - 5

webber - 9
Skirt: thrifted. Blouse: Target. Shoes: knock off Doc’s I bought from Walmart like 8 years ago and just remembered that I have. Bag: thrifted.


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