Doll Parts

Today I’m feeling very Courtney Love circa 1994, which happens once every couple of seasons or so. I wanna be the girl with the most cake, and so on and so forth. You know how it goes. The anecdote is usually a dress that looks like it belongs on a doll paired with really beat up shoes. This particular dolly dress is an heirloom of sorts. It belonged to one of my aunts in the 70’s, and I found it hidden in a pile of things in my  Granny’s attic. It was kind of moldy and stained, but I managed to revive it with a bit of borax and vinegar, and now it helps me to fake it so real I am beyond fake on days like these.

babyblues - 1babyblues - 2babyblues - 3babyblues - 4babyblues - 5babyblues - 6babyblues - 7babyblues - 8babyblues - 9

babyblues - 10
Vintage dress: Aunt Tammy/granny’s attic. Combat boots: Walmart.


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