Silk & Leather

Monochromatic looks are a forever favorite, especially when we’re talking about black. Pairing pieces of the same color in contrasting fabrics creates interest and makes me feel a little swoony, to be honest. Hey, also, if I keep posting photos of these same shoes amongst different landscapes, can we just pretend that it’s not repetitive? Yes? No? I DON’T CARE I’M IN LOVE AND I’M DOIN IT. ❤

silkandleather - 1 (1)silkandleather - 3 (1)silkandleather - 7 (1)silkandleather - 6 (1)silkandleather - 4 (1)silkandleather - 5 (1)silkandleather - 8 (1)

silkandleather - 9 (1)
Vintage leather shorts: thrifted. Vintage Silk blouse: thrifted. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell for Free People.

2 thoughts on “Silk & Leather

  1. Wow those shorts are perfection! I feel like I would gasp if I saw those shorts in an op shop – we call them op shops in New Zealand, as in opportunity shops :). I’m curious if you hold onto all your treasures? Or do you donate them every now and then to make room? Because everything I’ve seen so far on this blog has been a keeper!


    1. I did gasp! They’re most definitely one of the most amazing things I’ve ever found in a thrift store (or an op shop : ) I can’t even imagine how someone could give them up… the leather is as soft as butter! Over the years I’ve learned to be super discriminating while I’m thrifting and to only buy things that I really love and will wear, so I keep most everything (my closet is wild and often full to the brim ; ) ). I do buy stuff for friends and family, though! If I see something amazing that wont fit me or isn’t quite my style, I’ll thrift it for someone else! ❤


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