Cold Day Memory

It’s been actually, truly cold for like 4 days in a row now, which seems like a record given the brutally warm Winters we’ve experienced in Florida over the last few years. Though I’m a native, I’m not one of those Floridians who rejoices in the fact that it rarely drops below 65 degrees. Nor do I post gloaty memes about how warm we are down here while it’s snowing all over the rest of the country. And people who mix beauty things with Christmas things (sandcastle snowmen, Santa in a red swimsuit at the beach etc.)…. UGH DO NOT even get me started. NOT affiliated with those Floridians. I’m actually thoroughly convinced that I belong in New England, but there are so many people in this wet, hot place that I’d miss, so here I am still. Anyway, IT’S COLD! And I can layer a Sevendust t-shirt over a big turtle neck and just belt the whole thing to avoid looking like the kid from “A Christmas Story”. Hallelujah.

sevendust - 1sevendust - 2sevendust - 3sevendust - 4sevendust - 5sevendust - 6sevendust - 7sevendust - 8sevendust - 9

sevendust - 10
Sevendust T: thrifted. Turtleneck: thrifted. Skirt: H&M. Belt: thrifted. Boots: Theyskens Theory.


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